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KR-20080030176-A: Protection circuit from over/under voltage in power supply patent, KR-20080030182-A: 갠트리형 용접장치의 막대식 위치검출장치 patent, KR-20080030880-A: Computer system and upgrade method thereof patent, KR-20080031878-A: 칼슘이 강화된 가금류 사육방법 patent, KR-20080031902-A: Step-down type switching regulator, control circuit thereof, and electronic device using the same patent, KR-20080034050-A: Method for detecting signal in communication system using multiple antenna patent, KR-20080035033-A: Antibacterial agents against foodborne pathogens patent, KR-20080035157-A: Method of providing neighbor information and method of generating neighbor location information patent, KR-20080035527-A: Method of increasing the capacity of enhanced data channel on uplink in a wireless communications system patent, KR-20080035581-A: Method for manufacture and coating of nanostructured components patent, KR-20080036619-A: Tire valve assembly, system and apparatus for deflating a tire following unauthorized access to a motor vehicle patent, KR-20080036747-A: 표시 장치 및 그의 제조 방법 patent, KR-20080036949-A: Elastic nonwoven sheet for medical articles patent, KR-20080037037-A: 마찰전동벨트 및 그 제조방법 patent, KR-20080037622-A: 편광판용 보호필름 patent, KR-20080037793-A: Method for detecting leakage of insulation structure patent, KR-20080039317-A: Thermal spray powder, method for forming thermal spray coating, and plasma resistant member patent, KR-20080039366-A: Jacket become prevention system patent, KR-20080039812-A: 반도체 장치의 제조 방법 및 반도체 장치 patent, KR-20080041020-A: 플라즈마 디스플레이 패널 patent, KR-20080041328-A: Method for multi-party call in mobile communication terminal patent, KR-20080042723-A: Circuit breaker patent, KR-20080043488-A: 친구 위치 정보 제공 시스템 및 방법 patent, KR-20080043572-A: Inverter assembly, backlight assembly having the same, and liquid crystal display having the same patent, KR-20080044283-A: 방향족 복소환이 결합된 옥사디아졸환 구조를 갖는 화합물및 유기 전계 발광 소자 patent, KR-20080045472-A: 신체지수를 이용한 건강관리시스템 및 건강관리방법 patent, KR-20080045670-A: 렌즈 몰딩 방법 patent, KR-20080046060-A: VoIP 단말장치, VoIP 통신시스템 및 그 프리젠스확인방법 patent, KR-20080046637-A: Condensed imidazolo derivatives for the inhibition of aldosterone synthase and aromatase patent, KR-20080046992-A: 반도체 소자 및 그 제조 방법 patent, KR-20080047166-A: Method of manufacturing thin film transistor substrate patent, KR-20080047361-A: 피어-투-피어 동기화 애플리케이션에서의 보안 patent, KR-20080047809-A: Image forming apparatus and power control method thereof patent, KR-20080047901-A: 스테레오 카메라 장치에서 이미지들을 정렬하기 위한 장치및 방법 patent, KR-20080048908-A: Laser processing head for processing a work piece using a laser beam patent, KR-20080052934-A: 소변 흘림 방지용 발맞춤 센서 patent, KR-20080053135-A: 배추나비고치벌 대량 사육방법 patent, KR-20080053545-A: 광학 박막코팅을 구비한 초슬림 광포인팅 장치 patent, KR-20080056030-A: 유기 전계 발광 표시 장치 patent, KR-20080056075-A: Sharp case patent, KR-20080056088-A: 정전 척의 유전체층의 체적 저항률 측정 장치 및 그 장치를사용한 측정 방법 patent, KR-20080056408-A: 온도를 감지해 물이 나오는 자동수전기 patent, KR-20080057599-A: Case and mobile communication terminal using the same patent, KR-20080058569-A: Searching system for travel goods based on natural language processing and method thereof patent, KR-20080058953-A: 창문 부착형 정환기 patent, KR-20080059061-A: 충전제, 이의 제조방법 및 이를 함유하는 화장품 patent, KR-20080062773-A: Surface emitting light device and liquid crystal display device using the same patent, KR-20080063458-A: 사류 터빈 또는 래디얼 터빈 patent, KR-20080064075-A: 세라믹 필터 조립체 및 이의 조립방법 patent, KR-20080065136-A: 폴리히드럴실세스퀴옥산을 포함하는 조성물 및 이를포함하는 반사 방지막 및 그 제조 방법 patent, KR-20080067199-A: Power saving method for television patent, KR-20080067512-A: Apparatus and method for cell selection considering home cell/ private network in wireless system patent, KR-20080067588-A: Mass-based sensing of charging knee for active control of charger settings patent, KR-20080068892-A: Bulk hydroprocessing catalyst comprising a group viii metal and molybdenum, preparation and use thereof patent, KR-20080069984-A: 비정성 열가소성 수지 및 압출 필름 또는 시트 patent, KR-20080072125-A: 개선된 환기구조를 갖는 수배전반 patent, KR-20080072416-A: 열 확산기와 이를 구비한 전자기기 patent, KR-20080073446-A: High performance optical network system based on reflective semiconductor optical amplifier patent, KR-20080073648-A: Multilayer wiring board and method of manufacturing the same patent, KR-20080073799-A: System and method for fund raising based on patent pool patent, KR-20080074976-A: Music edit device and music edit method patent, KR-20080075327-A: 발광 다이오드 백라이트 유닛의 휘도 및 색 온도 제어 시스템 patent, KR-20080075592-A: Optical filter and apparatus for fertilizing of air conditioning using the same patent, KR-20080076273-A: 3상 전원 감시 회로 patent, KR-20080076359-A: 디지털 방송 송수신 장치 및 방법 patent, KR-20080076851-A: 바이트 레인마다의 동적 온-다이(on-die) 종단 patent, KR-20080076888-A: A diamond porcessing device patent, KR-20080077316-A: Earth leakage trip device of an earth leakage circuit breaker patent, KR-20080077746-A: 에너지발생장치 patent, KR-20080077859-A: Duplicated ssid detecting method and system through self scan in wireless lan patent, KR-20080079054-A: Total heat exchanger element and manufacturing method of the same patent, KR-20080079442-A: 휴대 단말기의 광 포인팅 장치 patent, KR-20080079606-A: Non-aqueous electrolyte secondary battery and method for manufacturing the same patent, KR-20080079787-A: Apparatus for depositing organic film on substrate patent, KR-20080080308-A: Catalytic epoxidation of styrene with molecular oxygen using metal ion exchanged zeolites patent, KR-20080080781-A: Display apparatus patent, KR-20080081064-A: 부착제 및 그 제조 방법 patent, KR-20080081657-A: Hybrid power supplying device for sensor node and method thereof patent, KR-20080082190-A: 양극성 직교부호 변조를 사용하는 데이터 통신 방법 및시스템 patent, KR-20080082347-A: 전지 모듈 및 그 제조 방법 patent, KR-20080083007-A: 담배갑 patent, KR-20080083341-A: 인돌리논의 아미노산 유도체 기재의 단백질 키나제 억제제 patent, KR-20080084966-A: 서비스 계약 문서의 웹 서비스 구현 변경 방법 및 이를구현하는 데 사용되는 컴퓨터 프로그램 제품 patent, KR-20080085266-A: Method for forming electrode pattern and apparatus for the same patent, KR-20080085576-A: Keyboard hacking prevention system using of mouse patent, KR-20080085854-A: Ink, ink cartridge, ink jet recording apparatus, and ink jet recording method patent, KR-20080086355-A: Washing and drying machine patent, KR-20080086833-A: Method for manufacturing liquid crystal display device patent, KR-20080087281-A: Method for fabricating the recessed gate using cell-hallo implantation patent, KR-20080088621-A: Interferometric lithography system and method used to generate equal path lengths of interfering beams patent, KR-20080088674-A: Method and apparatus for managing points patent, KR-20080090011-A: Hard disk drive for improving instability of head at low temperature and method using the hard disk drive patent, KR-20080090361-A: 브래지어세탁 보조기구 patent, KR-20080090697-A: 평판 디스플레이용 박막 트랜지스터 및 그 제조방법 patent, KR-20080091047-A: 세탁기 patent, KR-20080091590-A: The wasteless package of the cure and diet therapy for the metastatic cancer of breast and the early stage of breast cancer patent, KR-20080092092-A: Water pump assembly patent, KR-20080092338-A: Wireless communication coding method and transmission system using antenna adaptation patent, KR-20080092407-A: Piperazine compounds with a herbicidal action patent, KR-20080092826-A: Dc-dc 컨버터 내의 평균 출력 전류 결정 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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