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GB-8914641-D0: Tension release device patent, GB-8914888-D0: Burst mode transmitter/receiver unit patent, GB-8915104-D0: Chemical process patent, GB-8915152-D0: Trolleyer patent, GB-8915786-D0: Improvements relating to frequency synthesizers patent, GB-8916635-D0: Cardanolactam derivatives patent, GB-8917874-D0: Motorway madness board game patent, GB-8918187-D0: Shell and heat exchangers patent, GB-8918210-D0: A pressure transducer patent, GB-8919429-D0: Printed wiring board patent, GB-8920035-D0: Improved tv wall structure patent, GB-8920231-D0: Operating ac motors patent, GB-8920857-D0: Paddle propulsion system patent, GB-8921628-D0: Pouring cup patent, GB-8921691-D0: Retaining devices patent, GB-8922765-D0: Shielded backplane connector patent, GB-8922816-D0: Draught excluders patent, GB-8923177-D0: Game apparatus patent, GB-8925369-D0: Fibre-reinforced elastomeric sheet patent, GB-8926519-D0: Joint means for insulating panels patent, GB-8927909-D0: Washing apparatus patent, GB-8928218-D0: Lock mechanisms patent, GB-8929211-D0: Monitoring apparatus patent, GB-8929314-D0: A bed adornment structure patent, GB-8929340-D0: Supporting structure for shadow mas of flat panel type color picture tube patent, GB-9000329-D0: A document processor and a method of operating same patent, GB-9001779-D0: An apparatus for severing multi-layer form sets patent, GB-9003114-D0: Control apparatus for selectively inhibiting looking/listening in catv terminal equipment patent, GB-9004295-D0: Single saddle toroid array homogenizing mirror patent, GB-9004519-D0: A boss patent, GB-9005045-D0: Cybernetic engine patent, GB-9005484-D0: Electrochemical cell patent, GB-9005529-D0: Heterocyclic oligopeptides endowed with antitumor activity patent, GB-9005543-D0: Method and apparatus for determining failure of vehicle steering sensing device patent, GB-9005619-D0: Improvements in and relating to ceiling roses patent, GB-9005639-D0: Radioactive analysis patent, GB-9006555-D0: Coating compositions patent, GB-9007979-D0: Matching element for mobile antenna patent, GB-9008090-D0: Dispensing device patent, GB-9009847-D0: A container patent, GB-9009859-D0: A mine roof support patent, GB-9009958-D0: Overload protector for press machine patent, GB-9010080-D0: Improvements in or relating to organic compounds patent, GB-9010714-D0: Uniform distribution of fibrous materials patent, GB-9012258-D0: Flexible containers patent, GB-9012526-D0: Painters mate patent, GB-9012923-D0: Dismountable towball fixture patent, GB-9013060-D0: Compaction device and method patent, GB-9013796-D0: Device for the measurement of lubricating oil consumption patent, GB-9016084-D0: Motor control with digital feedback patent, GB-9016219-D0: Improvement to doppler flow imaging system patent, GB-9017498-D0: Eating apparatus patent, GB-9017710-D0: New compositions of matter patent, GB-9018159-D0: Process and apparatus for electrolyte exchange patent, GB-9018282-D0: Multiple-lumen infusion tubing patent, GB-9018688-D0: Yarn feeding apparatus for intarsia flat knitting machine patent, GB-9019304-D0: Engine fuelling system patent, GB-9019495-D0: Improvements relating to connecting devices patent, GB-9019940-D0: Manipulation device for patient's leg patent, GB-9020072-D0: Pilot's helmet patent, GB-9021193-D0: Internal combustion engine having improved valve arrangement patent, GB-9022047-D0: Fluorinated hexamethylenetetramine derivatives patent, GB-9022238-D0: Motion translating mechanism patent, GB-9022778-D0: Filters patent, GB-9023365-D0: Aryl-ether-sulphone monomers and aryl-ether-ketone-sulphone polymers patent, GB-9023916-D0: A clutch control system patent, GB-9025339-D0: Artificial green products patent, GB-9025576-D0: Closure of corrugations patent, GB-9025784-D0: Syphon apparatus patent, GB-9025796-D0: Diamond compact body patent, GB-9026105-D0: Roller-skate device patent, GB-9026155-D0: Temperature-sensing type fluid fan coupling device patent, GB-9026236-D0: Display devices patent, GB-9026341-D0: Improvements in or relating to a pre-tensioner retractor reel patent, GB-9027723-D0: Novel compounds patent, GB-9027732-D0: Brake actuator patent, GB-9100506-D0: Improvements in or relating to remote control patent, GB-9100915-D0: Products and process patent, GB-9101500-D0: Liquid crystal optical system patent, GB-9101584-D0: A display system for pictorial characters patent, GB-9101848-D0: System for deflecting tfl tools patent, GB-9102156-D0: An improved electrical connector patent, GB-9103112-D0: Programmable logic device decoder patent, GB-9103136-D0: Plastic valve bush for dynamic multi-port valve patent, GB-9103348-D0: Martial arts 5 way multi work out patent, GB-9103672-D0: Telephone call screening device patent, GB-9103719-D0: Variable contour annular air inlet for an aircraft engine nacelle patent, GB-9104061-D0: Single in-line dram memory module patent, GB-9104377-D0: Depositing an electrochromic layer patent, GB-9105684-D0: Biocidal proteins patent, GB-9105806-D0: Novelty item patent, GB-9105898-D0: Compounds useful as intermediates for binding ions to substrates patent, GB-9106059-D0: Railway vehicles patent, GB-9106311-D0: Improvements in and relating to forming aluminium-silicon alloy patent, GB-9106384-D0: Improvements in plasticising units for screw injection moulding machines patent, GB-9106630-D0: Image correction in telecines patent, GB-9107197-D0: Improvements in or relating to organic compounds patent, GB-9107552-D0: Attenuated viruses patent, GB-9107611-D0: Printing position adjustment mechanism for printer patent, GB-9107635-D0: Rack for fitting to shelves patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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