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GB-8717337-D0: Photosensitive member patent, GB-8717438-D0: Clarinets patent, GB-8720309-D0: Determining position of elements in flat knitting machines patent, GB-8721145-D0: Water supply valves patent, GB-8721337-D0: Support for cutlery & crockery in machine patent, GB-8721551-D0: Race track installation for toy cars patent, GB-8722004-D0: Absorbent material & thermally bonded cores patent, GB-8722074-D0: Collapsable support bag patent, GB-8722477-D0: Compounds patent, GB-8723077-D0: Roll assembly for roller crusher patent, GB-8723485-D0: Solution synthesis of octapeptide patent, GB-8724387-D0: Processing electrical steels patent, GB-8725872-D0: Indenofuran derivative patent, GB-8725957-D0: Motorcycle sound system patent, GB-8727245-D0: Electrical socket patent, GB-8728308-D0: Multi point sensor patent, GB-8729428-D0: Friction clutch unit patent, GB-8800123-D0: Electromagnetically-actuatable three-way/two-position valve patent, GB-8800302-D0: Building panels patent, GB-8802040-D0: Alkoxy derivatives of substituted imono-dihydrobenzopyran & imino-dihydrobenzothiopyran & process for their preparation patent, GB-8802219-D0: Chemical process patent, GB-8802865-D0: Gas oven patent, GB-8803949-D0: Non-chrome tanning process patent, GB-8804592-D0: Monitoring device for knitting machines patent, GB-8804873-D0: Stabilized aqueous liquid composition of fibre-reactive dye patent, GB-8804906-D0: Low energy greenhouse patent, GB-8805061-D0: Camera apparatus patent, GB-8805117-D0: Improvements relating to roller blinds patent, GB-8805197-D0: Improvements in fixing of tubular members patent, GB-8806090-D0: Electrical connector assemblies patent, GB-8806231-D0: Debit cards patent, GB-8806828-D0: Ladder patent, GB-8808272-D0: Frame structure patent, GB-8808599-D0: Medicaments patent, GB-8808938-D0: Digestion chamber patent, GB-8809442-D0: Inking unit for printing machine patent, GB-8809648-D0: Production of microcapsules patent, GB-8809985-D0: Automatic reserve transmission speed adjust & regulate system for fax/telex machine patent, GB-8812660-D0: Production of 2-methyl-5-isopropylhexa-2 5-dien-1al in microorganisms patent, GB-8814273-D0: Method & device for manufacturing profiled glass tubing patent, GB-8815061-D0: Insprung sealing rings patent, GB-8815170-D0: Solubilisable polymer support suitable for solid phase peptide synthsis & for injection into experimental animals patent, GB-8815782-D0: Apparatus & method relating to plasma oxidiser patent, GB-8815842-D0: Improvements in torches patent, GB-8816690-D0: Shaft coupling patent, GB-8816820-D0: Craftsman's folding stool patent, GB-8817006-D0: Composite material patent, GB-8818490-D0: Lifeboat runway patent, GB-8818986-D0: Dual-bed catalyst patent, GB-8819940-D0: Fungicides patent, GB-8820704-D0: Method & apparatus for alloying of coatings patent, GB-8820727-D0: Bricklayers measuring tape patent, GB-8820855-D0: Reaction-time tester patent, GB-8820891-D0: Improvements relating to steroids patent, GB-8821380-D0: Antiviral agents patent, GB-8822400-D0: Platform & step patent, GB-8823121-D0: Depilatory compositions patent, GB-8823182-D0: Reactor elements reactors containing them & processes performed therein patent, GB-8823954-D0: Non-perturbing radiofrequency power sampler for automatic tuning purposes patent, GB-8824382-D0: Chemical process & catalyst therefor patent, GB-8825683-D0: Ablutionary devices patent, GB-8825792-D0: Improvements in pallets patent, GB-8827120-D0: Object processing system patent, GB-8827272-D0: Data processing apparatus patent, GB-8827422-D0: Fuel elements containing burnable poison patent, GB-8827592-D0: Improvements in & relating to regulation of expression patent, GB-8828031-D0: Device patent, GB-8828058-D0: Adjusting brush pressure in electric motor patent, GB-8828435-D0: Process for production of protein patent, GB-8828649-D0: Warm air dispenser patent, GB-8828741-D0: Double-lift dobby patent, GB-8829331-D0: Reciprocating piston compressor for small refrigerating machines patent, GB-8829508-D0: Racket patent, GB-8830248-D0: Cladding structure patent, GB-8900351-D0: Lifting appliance patent, GB-8900366-D0: Sundials patent, GB-8900949-D0: Function inspecting system patent, GB-8901755-D0: Instant displaying bullet counter patent, GB-8903156-D0: Feeding system patent, GB-8903252-D0: Improvements in or relating to vehicles for materials handling patent, GB-8904234-D0: Flexible container patent, GB-8905154-D0: Harvesting machine patent, GB-8905474-D0: Contact lens mould patent, GB-8906589-D0: Seat for a swing patent, GB-8906968-D0: Electron detector patent, GB-8907098-D0: Drill stem test tools patent, GB-8907378-D0: Handle for carrier bags patent, GB-8907732-D0: Forming mechanical and electrical connections to printed circuit boards patent, GB-8908063-D0: Novel compounds patent, GB-8908408-D0: Surgical blades patent, GB-8908852-D0: Cleaning aid patent, GB-8909378-D0: An educational game patent, GB-8909683-D0: New benzo(b)pyran derivatives,process for their production and use patent, GB-8910113-D0: Intrusion detector patent, GB-8910900-D0: An accelerometric device to signal the dynamics of a moving vehicle patent, GB-8911499-D0: Nursing bed with sanitary facilities patent, GB-8911802-D0: A tool assembly for woodworking machines patent, GB-8911975-D0: Strap assembly suitable for medical bags and appliances patent, GB-8912014-D0: Optical networks patent, GB-8914358-D0: Vehicle antilock braking systems patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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