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GB-8306073-D0: Adjustable lock patent, GB-8306537-D0: Wheelchair transport patent, GB-8307373-D0: Dispensing container for liquids patent, GB-8307484-D0: Roller mills patent, GB-8307783-D0: Modification of biological cells patent, GB-8310443-D0: Microwave diode patent, GB-8310495-D0: Resin composition patent, GB-8310551-D0: Change speed transmission patent, GB-8311122-D0: Independent battery reactivator patent, GB-8311332-D0: Conductive gaskets patent, GB-8311619-D0: Actuator assembly patent, GB-8312392-D0: Retreading vehicle tyres patent, GB-8312747-D0: Power supplies for incandescent lamps patent, GB-8312799-D0: Sanitary articles patent, GB-8312907-D0: Diesel engine fuel limiting system patent, GB-8313469-D0: Doppler homing beacon patent, GB-8313898-D0: Hydraulic anti-skid braking systems patent, GB-8314010-D0: Polymeric foam patent, GB-8314025-D0: Electrostatic coating of materials patent, GB-8314157-D0: Reeling apparatus patent, GB-8314486-D0: Solid cosmetic compositions patent, GB-8315357-D0: Hand-held multi-purpose garden tool patent, GB-8315904-D0: Motor vehicle anti-theft device patent, GB-8316337-D0: Mandrel-carrier head patent, GB-8316394-D0: Regenerator system for furnace patent, GB-8316747-D0: Concrete piles patent, GB-8317158-D0: Anode for electrolysis patent, GB-8317195-D0: Doors patent, GB-8318090-D0: Servo-steering system for vehicle patent, GB-8318126-D0: Rotary drilling tools patent, GB-8318389-D0: Flow control system patent, GB-8318806-D0: Roof support patent, GB-8319448-D0: Fixation system for intraocular lens structures patent, GB-8319709-D0: Heating and keeping hot container patent, GB-8319782-D0: Tap patent, GB-8319983-D0: Dimensionally heat recoverable article patent, GB-8320797-D0: Very thin dense membrane patent, GB-8320821-D0: Plating patent, GB-8321042-D0: Horticultural cloches patent, GB-8321120-D0: Catalytic process patent, GB-8321165-D0: Elastic assembly patent, GB-8321275-D0: Securement apparatus for workpieces patent, GB-8321885-D0: Electromyogram patent, GB-8322135-D0: Dust separator patent, GB-8323235-D0: Photographic printer patent, GB-8323399-D0: Data display arrangements patent, GB-8323619-D0: Distributor machine patent, GB-8323676-D0: Utilization of wind power patent, GB-8323813-D0: Automatic fine adjustment of tools patent, GB-8326936-D0: Substituted n-phenyl-n' benzoylureas patent, GB-8329818-D0: Core for laminate constructions patent, GB-8330065-D0: Sizing compositions patent, GB-8330485-D0: Microfloppy disc drive head cleaner patent, GB-8331525-D0: Compositions of matter patent, GB-8331773-D0: Environmental tracking in inductance loop vehicle detection systems patent, GB-8331900-D0: Physical exercising apparatus patent, GB-8332625-D0: Clutch assembly patent, GB-8332733-D0: Element patent, GB-8333147-D0: Garbage disposal carrier patent, GB-8333328-D0: String stabilized ribbon growth patent, GB-8333404-D0: Floor covering for motor vehicles patent, GB-8333673-D0: Amine and alkali metal patent, GB-8333681-D0: Protection from electromagnetic interference patent, GB-8333754-D0: Dendritic surface treatment of metal layers patent, GB-8334043-D0: Filling grooves in sash bars with heat insulating material patent, GB-8400229-D0: Divided assembled cylindrical tool patent, GB-8400915-D0: Producing decorative finish on substrate patent, GB-8401080-D0: Post and rail systems patent, GB-8401398-D0: Determining water & c content in drilling core patent, GB-8402375-D0: Filters patent, GB-8402652-D0: Remote control apparatus patent, GB-8404144-D0: Cable connector patent, GB-8404662-D0: Electrical heating circuit arrangements patent, GB-8405143-D0: Mohpholine derivatives patent, GB-8405416-D0: Yogurt patent, GB-8406123-D0: Releasable fastener for strap patent, GB-8406953-D0: Article for treating carpets patent, GB-8407826-D0: Image pickup system patent, GB-8407934-D0: Immersion inflatable lifejacket patent, GB-8407942-D0: Thyristor series regulator patent, GB-8408338-D0: Colour television signal generating apparatus patent, GB-8408586-D0: Electrical protective devices patent, GB-8409266-D0: Tanning of leather using aluminium compounds patent, GB-8409950-D0: Packaging machine patent, GB-8411779-D0: Induction stepping motor patent, GB-8412022-D0: Plant growing systems patent, GB-8412100-D0: Auxiliary attachment for molten metal vessels patent, GB-8412222-D0: Automatic animal feeder patent, GB-8412439-D0: Gas scrubber patent, GB-8412738-D0: Separating hydrogen chloride from post-reaction mixture patent, GB-8413039-D0: External thermal insulation patent, GB-8413125-D0: Series heat regenerators patent, GB-8413616-D0: Installation of communications cables patent, GB-8414221-D0: Unit dosage form patent, GB-8414827-D0: Fishing tackle patent, GB-8414847-D0: Transducer device patent, GB-8415143-D0: Processing drilling fluid patent, GB-8415367-D0: Tamper evident closure cap patent, GB-8416306-D0: Optical detecting/measuring systems patent, GB-8417244-D0: Polyphenylene films patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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