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GB-201518743-D0: Reciprocating machinery monitoring system and method patent, GB-201518752-D0: Controlling operational characteristics of acoustic echo canceller patent, GB-201520755-D0: Nanoparticle formulations and their uses patent, GB-201521052-D0: Pneumatic positioning of laminator rollers patent, GB-201522290-D0: Plumbing connector having non-return valve patent, GB-201600176-D0: Method of identifying novel protein aggregation inhibitors based on chemical kinetics patent, GB-201600978-D0: Suspended pot frame patent, GB-201601720-D0: Improved photo-bioreactor design patent, GB-201601940-D0: Bins/buckets patent, GB-201602351-D0: A building structure patent, GB-201602697-D0: Battery clamp cleaning device patent, GB-201602750-D0: A deep water drilling riser pressure relief system patent, GB-201602986-D0: Container handling for bulk particulates patent, GB-201607405-D0: Systems and methods for evaluating search query terms for improving search results patent, GB-201607603-D0: Modular light panel patent, GB-201608318-D0: Gas lift method and apparatus patent, GB-201608612-D0: Smart driving communicator patent, GB-201609005-D0: Vibrating seat patent, GB-201609164-D0: Pursuing a fugitive to a capture location patent, GB-201609516-D0: In-situ deployment device patent, GB-201609672-D0: Sintered polycrystalline cubic boron nitride material patent, GB-201610496-D0: Compounds patent, GB-201610780-D0: Rear fixing device patent, GB-201610996-D0: Fibre optic sensing patent, GB-201611234-D0: Light bulb with built-in backup battery and related circuitry patent, GB-201611610-D0: Valsartan diamine, triamine and tetramine salts patent, GB-201612136-D0: A tool for a vacuum cleaner patent, GB-201612572-D0: Absorbent materials patent, GB-201612953-D0: Sheet discharge apparatus and image forming apparatus patent, GB-201613129-D0: Pipe fitting patent, GB-201613842-D0: Moxidectin topical liquid formulations patent, GB-201614364-D0: Device to assist paraplegics with getting dressed patent, GB-201614639-D0: Digital data processing apparatus and method patent, GB-201614928-D0: Device for collecting water patent, GB-201615440-D0: Vehicle seat patent, GB-201616690-D0: Hair groomer patent, GB-201617685-D0: Ammonia trap patent, GB-201618503-D0: Methods and kits for the detection of DNA patent, GB-201619521-D0: A method for visual inspection and logging patent, GB-201619849-D0: Compact protection device for automotive cigar lighter and power outlet patent, GB-201619902-D0: Patient status monitor and method of monitoring patient status patent, GB-201621645-D0: Shipping container patent, GB-201700095-D0: Composition patent, GB-201700157-D0: Refrigeration cycle device patent, GB-201700262-D0: Ehanced fabrics patent, GB-201700847-D0: Fertilette patent, GB-201700997-D0: Methods for link and path quality assessment patent, GB-201701201-D0: Thin film composite membranes with functionalized star polymers patent, GB-201701557-D0: Browser based snap grid patent, GB-201701718-D0: Oscillating display device patent, GB-201703431-D0: Concept 144 patent, GB-201703509-D0: Silent sleeper anti-snore system patent, GB-201703543-D0: A sale conduit device patent, GB-201703963-D0: Wellhead assembly patent, GB-201704166-D0: Antibacterial Compounds patent, GB-201704315-D0: Artificial ligament patent, GB-201706101-D0: Therapeutic cells patent, GB-201707060-D0: Improved tracheostomy Device patent, GB-201707149-D0: Scaffold coupler patent, GB-201708856-D0: Seletalisib crystalline forms patent, GB-201709007-D0: Physical watch hands for a computerized watch patent, GB-201709616-D0: Leitungsverbindungsanordning patent, GB-201710613-D0: Redcloud BB5 patent, GB-201710794-D0: Electronic vapour inhalers patent, GB-201710992-D0: A method of fishing with unmanned aerial vehicle patent, GB-201711402-D0: Heating a vehicle patent, GB-201713929-D0: Auto motion wheel patent, GB-201714578-D0: Gear pump bearing patent, GB-201715040-D0: No details patent, GB-201715245-D0: Patch antenna construction patent, GB-201715482-D0: Components for and methods of manufacturing toilet pan bodies and systems patent, GB-201715617-D0: Lumber support sock patent, GB-201716435-D0: Brushes useful for cleaning teeth and interdental spaces patent, GB-201717221-D0: Method for virtual testing of real environments with pedestrians interaction and drones patent, GB-201718912-D0: Filter apparatus and method patent, GB-201719000-D0: Image data interpolation patent, GB-201719007-D0: Sstd&m patent, GB-201719275-D0: Battery life extension for a communication device patent, GB-201719808-D0: Process to verify and respond to emergency conditions including improvements to fire protection systems patent, GB-201720067-D0: Processing audio signals patent, GB-201720284-D0: patent, GB-201720507-D0: A beverage dispenser patent, GB-201720662-D0: Mounting apparatus for a seat patent, GB-201721466-D0: A helmet patent, GB-208617242-D0: patent, GB-7831203-D0: Radar countermeasures patent, GB-8300020-D0: Foam finishing apparatus patent, GB-8301036-D0: Web-form floor covering patent, GB-8301575-D0: Sensor patent, GB-8301716-D0: Plastic film patent, GB-8301768-D0: Gaming/amusement machine patent, GB-8302659-D0: Acoustic surface-wave bandpass filter patent, GB-8303832-D0: Producing capsules patent, GB-8304203-D0: Guards patent, GB-8304397-D0: Gain control devices patent, GB-8304734-D0: Serial printer patent, GB-8305352-D0: Nesting containers patent, GB-8305500-D0: Herbicidal process patent, GB-8305579-D0: Security closure for containers patent, GB-8305646-D0: Fencing panels patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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