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GB-201021507-D0: Motion sensitive mains plug and socket patent, GB-201021589-D0: Lubrication device for applying lubricant to linked chains of motorcycles and other machinery patent, GB-201100155-D0: Trench cover patent, GB-201100205-D0: Lighting element converter/power supply device with accumulators patent, GB-201100472-D0: Assisting with installation of cabling in a build/equipping project patent, GB-201101287-D0: System and method of operating a gas turbine engine with an alternate working fluid patent, GB-201101359-D0: Power flow measurement and management patent, GB-201102917-D0: Method of increasing the dynamic range of a time-of-flight mass spectrometer patent, GB-201103770-D0: Novel use patent, GB-201104145-D0: Solar powered table lighting patent, GB-201105069-D0: Measurement of tension or slack in flexible members patent, GB-201106354-D0: Holster patent, GB-201106576-D0: A toilet patent, GB-201106657-D0: Window and door accessories patent, GB-201107015-D0: Electric power demand management patent, GB-201107622-D0: Connector for component connection in a modular construction set patent, GB-201108966-D0: Buyers unite patent, GB-201110631-D0: Absorbent article having line of weakness for folding the article patent, GB-201110854-D0: Optical switching patent, GB-201111763-D0: Apparatus and method patent, GB-201111855-D0: Apparatus and methods for use in measuring a luminescent property patent, GB-201113094-D0: Apparatus and method for producing printed articles patent, GB-201113791-D0: Recuperator patent, GB-201114368-D0: Pouch laminator and method of lamination patent, GB-201114509-D0: Packaging 19 patent, GB-201114711-D0: Apparatus for generating electricity from a tidal water flow patent, GB-201116727-D0: Rotor blade sensor patent, GB-201116735-D0: Ballooned ventilation tube cleaning device patent, GB-201116897-D0: Methods and apparatus for reconstructive surgery patent, GB-201117046-D0: Improvements in or relating to mattresses patent, GB-201117154-D0: Airflow driven electrical generator patent, GB-201117466-D0: Zipper head structure patent, GB-201117612-D0: Foot pedal push unit patent, GB-201118543-D0: Combination of scanned technology with sign, signage and outdoor advert material patent, GB-201119392-D0: Articulated mechanical arm patent, GB-201120158-D0: A rim drive electrical machine patent, GB-201120822-D0: Shopping basket with a built in stand/shopping basket retrofit stand attachment patent, GB-201120969-D0: Communication system patent, GB-201121025-D0: Expandable pipe coupling patent, GB-201121101-D0: A method of preparing isolated cells and uses patent, GB-201121193-D0: Novel compounds patent, GB-201121586-D0: A safety device for an aerial lift, a method of operation thereof, an aerial lift having the safety device, a kit of parts and a method of installation thereo patent, GB-201121858-D0: Repetition frequncy control device patent, GB-201122040-D0: System and method for detecting corrosion in flexible pipes background of the invention patent, GB-201200086-D0: Hand made luxury mobile phone handset to be sold with air time tariffs on behalf of mobile phone network operators patent, GB-201200993-D0: Apparatus for the therapeutic treatment of human muscle tissue patent, GB-201202315-D0: Exercise apparatus patent, GB-201202346-D0: Disc pump with advanced actuator patent, GB-201203525-D0: Instrumented swellable element patent, GB-201203909-D0: A fan assembly patent, GB-201203931-D0: Positioning system patent, GB-201203935-D0: System power control patent, GB-201204051-D0: Storage and discharge system patent, GB-201204601-D0: Manufacturing method for thermally sprayed sandwich bottom cooking pot patent, GB-201204969-D0: Camera device,system and method of imaging patent, GB-201205109-D0: Electrical contact and method of manufacture patent, GB-201205656-D0: Herbicidal compounds patent, GB-201205764-D0: Catalyst and method of manufacture patent, GB-201206656-D0: Sash window assembly patent, GB-201207412-D0: alphafun patent, GB-201209117-D0: Cracker roller disc patent, GB-201209316-D0: Hair growth inhibition patent, GB-201210107-D0: Seal assembly for an internal combustion engine patent, GB-201210109-D0: Nine-gear planetary gear box with two parellel shafts patent, GB-201210115-D0: Shared cache memory control patent, GB-201210586-D0: AUM Patent filing 7 patent, GB-201210756-D0: Analysis of small RNA patent, GB-201211407-D0: Optical sensor patent, GB-201211552-D0: Motor vehicle body patent, GB-201211676-D0: Rubber stamping aid patent, GB-201214111-D0: S.w.a.f. patent, GB-201215312-D0: patent, GB-201216214-D0: A digital splint patent, GB-201216481-D0: A gas detection device and method patent, GB-201216729-D0: Deposit box patent, GB-201219844-D0: Image processing methods and apparatus patent, GB-201220033-D0: Slim plug current sensor patent, GB-201220450-D0: Vasodilation assembly patent, GB-201221268-D0: Novel speculum patent, GB-201223306-D0: Methods and apparatus for forming image using,and finding positions of plutal pixel devices patent, GB-201300205-D0: Hollow cylindrical expanding support system patent, GB-201301345-D0: Medico-Surgical assemblies and methods patent, GB-201301811-D0: A Receiver patent, GB-201301995-D0: Processing audio-video data to produce metadata patent, GB-201302150-D0: Passive heave compensator patent, GB-201304040-D0: Improved lock component corrections patent, GB-201304634-D0: Apparatus for use on unmanned vehicles patent, GB-201304673-D0: Ion guide construction method patent, GB-201304949-D0: Suspension arrangement patent, GB-201305260-D0: Encapsulated Reed Display patent, GB-201306684-D0: Freight container and roof bow thereof patent, GB-201307422-D0: Spark plug for combustion chamber of a gas turbine engine patent, GB-201307715-D0: Crushable fluid patent, GB-201307918-D0: USB outlet charger patent, GB-201308113-D0: Sports face guard patent, GB-201308222-D0: Static seat depth converter brackets patent, GB-201308461-D0: process patent, GB-201309228-D0: Context-based video coding patent, GB-201310244-D0: Intelligent telecommunications patching system patent, GB-201310465-D0: A belt device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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