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GB-0623313-D0: Synchronised provision of media for on line game playing patent, GB-0623744-D0: Unicon patent, GB-0624292-D0: Trailer mounted power washer patent, GB-0624545-D0: Removable groomer for turf treating apparatus patent, GB-0625269-D0: Electromagnetic below ice sommunications patent, GB-0625451-D0: Code translator patent, GB-0625877-D0: A paint roller assembly patent, GB-0700186-D0: Speaker arrangement patent, GB-0700920-D0: Dosage element and a method of manufacturing a dosage element patent, GB-0701820-D0: Piled marine structures patent, GB-0702265-D0: 7-Azaindole derivatives patent, GB-0702449-D0: Dovetail structure of fan patent, GB-0702618-D0: Radiator bracket and radiator patent, GB-0703936-D0: Anisotropy measeurement while drilling patent, GB-0704127-D0: Backlight and display patent, GB-0704236-D0: Plant fibre mat and method of making a plant fibre mat patent, GB-0704872-D0: Vehicle maternity safety trousers patent, GB-0705011-D0: A Method for operating a motor vehicle having a per-crash sensing system patent, GB-0705278-D0: Bottle cap dispenser patent, GB-0705310-D0: A group iii-v compound semiconductor and a method for producing the same patent, GB-0705353-D0: Illumination apparatus patent, GB-0705375-D0: Pushchairs patent, GB-0706636-D0: Receptor ligands patent, GB-0707754-D0: Method and apparatus to facilitate macrodiversity reception patent, GB-0709586-D0: Improvements in or relating to beverage preparation machines patent, GB-0709593-D0: Method of carbon nanotube selection patent, GB-0709617-D0: Minimally invasive diagnostic device patent, GB-0711235-D0: Chemosensitivity prediction of cancer (2) patent, GB-0712016-D0: Stress relief toy patent, GB-0712614-D0: Improved spatial luminance patent, GB-0713665-D0: Poker system 1 patent, GB-0713732-D0: Big bad buddy patent, GB-0713831-D0: Stand alone mobile phone patent, GB-0713980-D0: Synergistic preservetive systems and their use in topical compositions patent, GB-0714150-D0: Diamond impregnated bits using a novel cutting structure patent, GB-0714458-D0: Electrically active combinatorial-chemical (EACC) chip for biochemical analyte detection patent, GB-0714889-D0: word length reduction circuit patent, GB-0715002-D0: Heat excahnge patent, GB-0715384-D0: Email management patent, GB-0716674-D0: Method of forming a phogrammetry target on an article patent, GB-0717540-D0: Bladeless ground effect turbine patent, GB-0717604-D0: Portable recording device and method patent, GB-0718492-D0: Digital fm radio transmitter patent, GB-0719440-D0: Wireless communication systems patent, GB-0719641-D0: Cylinder structure patent, GB-0720477-D0: Play and learn (board game) patent, GB-0721033-D0: Supermarket system patent, GB-0721714-D0: A system to treat and/or kill bacteria and viral infections using micrwave atmospheric plasma patent, GB-0721887-D0: Vibration device for muscle training patent, GB-0722058-D0: Frozen dessert patent, GB-0722465-D0: Top drive interlock patent, GB-0723904-D0: Method patent, GB-0724843-D0: Display panel assembly patent, GB-0724934-D0: A protein involved in cancer patent, GB-0800350-D0: Graphics engine and method distributing pixel data patent, GB-0801441-D0: Drugs against cancer and infectious diseases patent, US-5093894-A: Electrically-powered linear heating element patent, GB-0801654-D0: An exhaust gas treatment device emitting no tail gas patent, GB-0801965-D0: Bipolar power control patent, GB-0802008-D0: Novel compounds patent, GB-0802990-D0: Methods of calibrating a sensor in a patient monitoring system patent, GB-0803100-D0: Composite material patent, GB-0803401-D0: Method and device for detection of an analyte patent, GB-0803609-D0: Support apparatus for vehicles patent, GB-0804311-D0: An air cleaner patent, GB-0804981-D0: Method patent, GB-0805667-D0: No title patent, GB-0805705-D0: Wine bottle wrapper and stopper remover patent, GB-0806121-D0: Travel cricket board game-howzat patent, GB-0806867-D0: Portable toilet door hook patent, GB-0807742-D0: Fingersaver tool holder patent, GB-0808041-D0: A method and system for delivering messages patent, GB-0808258-D0: Cavity tray patent, GB-0808693-D0: Rodeo or riding device patent, GB-0809650-D0: LED Device and arrangement patent, GB-0809771-D0: Compounds patent, GB-0809945-D0: Golf tee patent, GB-0810562-D0: Computer bag patent, GB-0813998-D0: Technique for using memory attributes patent, GB-0814245-D0: Medicinal use of receptor ligands patent, GB-0814504-D0: Domestic appliance patent, GB-0814850-D0: Densified molybdenum metal powder and method for producing same patent, GB-0815060-D0: Concentrators for non-linear materials patent, GB-0815469-D0: Animal access control apparatus and system patent, GB-0815630-D0: Hanger with double ratcheting sliding-jaw clamps patent, GB-0815692-D0: Telephone call management system patent, GB-0816027-D0: Controlled light emitting apparatus patent, GB-0816117-D0: Improvements in treating flammable materials patent, GB-0816637-D0: Blade Pitch Control patent, GB-0816872-D0: Apparatus and method for installing windows and doors in timber frame construction patent, GB-0818159-D0: Mobile communications system patent, GB-0818753-D0: Mass spectrometer with ion storage device patent, GB-0819079-D0: Gypsum based formulations patent, GB-0819189-D0: Bulb with adjustable radiation angle patent, GB-0819426-D0: Method and system for consolidating diverse clinical data to facilitate medication titration patent, GB-0819570-D0: Methods of and apparatus for processing computer graphics patent, GB-0820205-D0: External wall insulation patent, GB-0820328-D0: Adjustable chair patent, GB-0820552-D0: Compositions for topical treatment patent, GB-0820735-D0: Seating apparatus patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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