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US-1244119-A: Pole-protective means. patent, US-1244193-A: Vehicle-wheel. patent, US-1245003-A: Packing. patent, US-1245855-A: Shade-holder. patent, US-1245895-A: Stovepipe-anchor for tents. patent, US-1246843-A: Business-register. patent, US-1247215-A: Method of effecting and regulating combustion in furnaces. patent, US-1248465-A: Box-filling machine. patent, US-1248558-A: Coupling. patent, US-12495-A: Akkaisrokemeett of exhaust-pipes in locomotive-engines patent, US-1249773-A: Telegraphy. patent, US-1249812-A: Adjusting-buckle. patent, US-1249959-A: Sectional bracing element. patent, US-1250040-A: Safety-appliance valve. patent, US-1250988-A: Horn-operating mechanism for use in slugging or nailing machines. patent, US-1251821-A: Cultivator attachment. patent, US-1252004-A: Flush car-door. patent, US-1253066-A: Spring-wheel. patent, US-1253253-A: Electric heating element. patent, US-1253730-A: Machine for molding artificial stone. patent, US-1253760-A: Coke-oven. patent, US-1253785-A: Mixer. patent, US-12538-A: Elihu bliss patent, US-1253993-A: Cultivator. patent, US-1254833-A: Activated-sludge treatment. patent, US-1255373-A: Floor-covering. patent, US-1255505-A: Refrigerating apparatus. patent, US-1256213-A: Calculating-machine. patent, US-1256345-A: Collapsible tube. patent, US-125637-A: Improvement in thill-couplings patent, US-1256878-A: Hydroaeroplane-boat. patent, US-1257348-A: Interchangeable mechanical-sign unit. patent, US-1257404-A: Paper-winding machine. patent, US-1257634-A: Animal-snare. patent, US-125834-A: Improvement in ladies boots patent, US-1259132-A: Portable electric tool. patent, US-1259444-A: Windings and insulation for electric apparatus. patent, US-1259739-A: Spreader. patent, US-1259741-A: Soap container and deliverer. patent, US-1259812-A: Wind-shield storm-protector. patent, US-1260595-A: Film-treating apparatus. patent, US-1260769-A: Fruit-jar-cover clamp. patent, US-1262541-A: Brooder. patent, US-126268-A: Improvement in pulls for water-closet levers patent, US-126298-A: Improvement in car-racks patent, US-1263287-A: Water-pressure system. patent, US-1263372-A: Parachute. patent, US-1263394-A: Air-separator. patent, US-1263526-A: Fish-scraper. patent, US-1264166-A: Automatic closing device for fire-doors. patent, US-1267277-A: Rear-end signal for vehicles. patent, US-1268268-A: Safety controlling device. patent, US-1269624-A: Slip-on removable lens-rim for spectacles, &c. patent, US-1270079-A: Dumb-waiter safety device. patent, US-1270162-A: Sight-feed and dirt-screen for vacuum feed devices. patent, US-1270208-A: Center attachment for chains. patent, US-1270845-A: Adding-machine. patent, US-1270902-A: Water-closet system for railway-cars. patent, US-1271212-A: Valve device for use in heating systems. patent, US-127159-A: Improvement in spindles for spinning-machines patent, US-1271653-A: Bag-holder. patent, US-1271927-A: Game-counter. patent, US-1272835-A: Weighing-scale. patent, US-1273217-A: Railway-tie. patent, US-1273623-A: Panel-board. patent, US-1273737-A: Piston-packing. patent, US-1274388-A: Shingle-packing machine. patent, US-127461-A: Improvement in hog-traps patent, US-127656-A: Improvement in compounds for dental purposes patent, US-1276796-A: Lifting-jack. patent, US-1278816-A: Method of producing embossed metal work. patent, US-1280616-A: Graduating bath-valve. patent, US-1281176-A: Outboard-bearing for automobile-truck jack-shafts. patent, US-1281734-A: Bevel gear-wheel. patent, US-128185-A: Improvement in wash-boilers patent, US-1282168-A: Windmill-pump regulator. patent, US-128248-A: Improvement in the manufacture of vegetable gelatine from algx patent, US-1282596-A: Table-bed, &c. patent, US-1283319-A: Index. patent, US-1283449-A: Ball-bearing. patent, US-12839-A: Smut-machine patent, US-1284591-A: Handsaw. patent, US-1284772-A: Index. patent, US-1285112-A: Lunch-box fastener. patent, US-1285327-A: Potato-planter. patent, US-1285873-A: Valve. patent, US-1285874-A: Dynamo brush-holder. patent, US-1286173-A: Detachable wheel-rim. patent, US-1286225-A: Knitting-bag. patent, US-1286401-A: Signaling system. patent, US-1286729-A: Spring-tread for wheels. patent, US-1286915-A: Mechanical toy. patent, US-1287026-A: Hydraulic pump. patent, US-1287104-A: Shield for furnaces. patent, US-1287156-A: Electrolytic apparatus. patent, US-1287728-A: Support-stay for engine-pumps. patent, US-1288403-A: Photographic developing apparatus. patent, US-1289983-A: Mold for plastic materials. patent, US-1290057-A: Knockdown-casket-holding burial-box. patent, US-129044-A: Improvement in the manufacture of mineral waters patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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