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KR-20100051888-A: Contents management apparatus, contents server, contents transmission system, and contents receive method patent, KR-20100051975-A: 비데용 노즐 어셈블리 patent, KR-20100052777-A: Novel aquitalea sp. 5yn1-3 strain for effective denitrification patent, KR-20100053785-A: Method of controlling applications on the basis of bluetooth communication mode in mobile communication terminal and apparatus performing the same patent, KR-20100054768-A: 양방향 송풍날개 폐열회수 환기장치 patent, KR-20100054780-A: 사람 프로그램된 사멸 수용체 pd-1에 대한 항체 patent, KR-20100055153-A: Solar cell manufacturing method patent, KR-20100055837-A: Pressing unit and apparatus for bonding a film including the same patent, KR-20100056890-A: 휴대용 전자 기기의 거치 장치 patent, KR-20100057374-A: Driving force control method for parallel hev patent, KR-20100057568-A: Exterior panel of assembly structure for bridge or overpass patent, KR-20100059118-A: Reaction spring apparatus to simulate ground reaction against pile patent, KR-20100059371-A: 가스 절연 개폐장치용 조작기 patent, KR-20100060523-A: Ims 기반의 유무선 복합망에서의 친밀도 측정 장치 및 방법 patent, KR-20100061178-A: Over head console for vehicle patent, KR-20100061832-A: Method for treatment of a gas stream containing silicon tetrafluoride and hydrogen chloride patent, KR-20100061895-A: 볼트 체결 자동화 구동유닛 patent, KR-20100062193-A: 안마기구 patent, KR-20100063223-A: 한국산 겨우살이를 이용한 조류독감 억제용 약학조성물 patent, KR-20100063885-A: Method and system for virtual cell-based flexible frequency reuse in orthogonal frequency division multiple access systems patent, KR-20100064190-A: Cutter apparatus of millingmachine patent, KR-20100064874-A: 호 설정 중 착신자에 의한 서비스 전환 시스템 및 방법 patent, KR-20100065546-A: Vessel having a wind power generation function patent, KR-20100065808-A: Regulation method of plant size and the plant thereof patent, KR-20100066123-A: 인텔리전트 피그용 전원공급 및 관리장치 patent, KR-20100066145-A: High strength steel sheet for line-pipe and manufacturing method thereof patent, KR-20100066313-A: A RADIATIONAL APPARATUS OF INFRARED π-RAY ON CURRENT patent, KR-20100066407-A: Psychiatric system through the online patent, KR-20100066439-A: 항균제로서 사용하기 위한 스피로 축합 바르비투르산 유도체 patent, KR-20100067083-A: Multiple function digital optical switch patent, KR-20100068745-A: 피폭 카드의 제조방법 patent, KR-20100068811-A: 메트포르민 및 α-글리코시다제 억제제를 포함하는 경구 제제 및 그 제조방법 patent, KR-20100069974-A: 사출성형품의 수납용 턴테이블장치 patent, KR-20100070055-A: Apparatus for processing digital image patent, KR-20100070324-A: Apparatus and method for modifying optical material properties patent, KR-20100071437-A: Electro magnetic shielding tube patent, KR-20100071670-A: Washing machine and method for controlling the same patent, KR-20100072150-A: Light control device exhibiting batwing luminous intensity distributions in upper and lower hemispheres patent, KR-20100072241-A: 연료 기화 장치 patent, KR-20100072657-A: 유기전계발광소자 및 그 구동방법 patent, KR-20100073470-A: 금융자동화기기 patent, KR-20100073736-A: Light emitting diode lamp patent, KR-20100074008-A: 기 시공 경계석의 소형동물 이동통로 형성방법 patent, KR-20100074054-A: Display apparatus and electronic apparatus patent, KR-20100074409-A: Optic film and backlight module using same patent, KR-20100074910-A: 지게차의 핸들 조작력 유지 및 조절 장치 patent, KR-20100074934-A: A blasting apparatus patent, KR-20100075063-A: Display panel and manufacturing method of the same patent, KR-20100075228-A: Cooling apparatus of a vessel patent, KR-20100075338-A: 홀딩밸브 patent, KR-20100075340-A: Hydraulic circuit for construction machinery patent, KR-20100075721-A: In-line vacuum deposition system which can connect with coating system. and deposition method using the same patent, KR-20100076988-A: 리츠 와이어를 구비한, 전기 기계용 브러시 장치 patent, KR-20100077581-A: Unit for decting crack patent, KR-20100078587-A: 접점 문 열림 제어 방식의 복문 도어록 시스템 및 그 제어방법 patent, KR-20100078714-A: System for monitoring using usn sensor with detachable type patent, KR-20100078937-A: 링크와 기어를 이용한 안드로이드용 로봇손 patent, KR-20100079220-A: 반도체 소자 제조 공정 관리 방법 patent, KR-20100079454-A: 조명기기 patent, KR-20100080514-A: 각막 내피 세포 접착 촉진제 patent, KR-20100081370-A: 헤드이격셀폰 patent, KR-20100081609-A: 전하트랩형 플래시 메모리소자의 동작 방법 patent, KR-20100083068-A: Planar arrayed waveguide grating device patent, KR-20100083723-A: 자동 판매기 patent, KR-20100084043-A: 확산필름층을 포함하는 태양전지 patent, KR-20100084585-A: Resonant power converter with current doubler rectifier and related method patent, KR-20100085326-A: Signal detecting method for spatial multiplexing multiple-input multiple-output systems patent, KR-20100085580-A: The rotary type roast apparatus patent, KR-20100086242-A: 보호필름 자동 부착장치 및 방법 patent, KR-20100086722-A: Apparatus and method for processing gtp in mobile communication system patent, KR-20100087514-A: Apparatus and method for manufacturing of oled patent, KR-20100087752-A: 하이드로탈사이트형 물질의 층간 이온 치환 방법, 재생 방법 및 층간 이온 치환 장치 patent, KR-20100088013-A: Method to manufature co-based alloy thin film using electrolytic deposition patent, KR-20100088145-A: A post holder patent, KR-20100088427-A: The field coil assembly of electromagnetic clutch for compressor patent, KR-20100088904-A: Question and answer service method, broadcasting receiver and storing medium thereof patent, KR-20100089171-A: Wax model metalic pattern assembly patent, KR-20100089246-A: Fuel oil supply system of an internal combustion engine patent, KR-20100089326-A: Concentrative type solar generation module patent, KR-20100090218-A: System and method for management entrance and release of reserve forces training patent, KR-20100091266-A: A method of controlling initial power ramp-up in cdma systems by using short codes patent, KR-20100091547-A: Contact center system and method capable of displaying multimedia caller information patent, KR-20100091884-A: 니트 제품 patent, KR-20100092006-A: Liquid softener composition patent, KR-20100093202-A: Auto roll forming machine patent, KR-20100093492-A: Substrate for receiving at least one component and method for producing a substrate patent, KR-20100095873-A: 승강형 침대 patent, KR-20100096366-A: Semiconductor device transfer system patent, KR-20100097091-A: Fire-stop system for placement in a conduit through which a thermally weakenable pipe extends, method for placing the system and conduit provided with such a system patent, KR-20100097172-A: Agglomerated zeolitic adsorbents, method of preparing them and uses thereof patent, KR-20100097690-A: 통신 장치, 통신 시스템, 통신 방법 및 프로그램 patent, KR-20100097884-A: Three-dimensional display patent, KR-20100099010-A: 디지털 영상 촬영 장치 및 방법 patent, KR-20100099595-A: 주변 환경에 대한 안정성이 뛰어난 고속 광대역 파장 가변 필터 및 필터링 방법 patent, KR-20100100162-A: Method and system using range bandwidth for controlling disk i/o patent, KR-20100101307-A: Catheter patent, KR-20100101977-A: Method for fabricating super-hydrophobicity surface and solid substrate with the super-hydrophobicity surface by the same method patent, KR-20100102573-A: 조립식 거푸집 patent, KR-20100102939-A: Flow control valve patent, KR-20100103331-A: Wireless stethoscope patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, 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