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US-2684327-A: Bright nickel plating patent, US-2685079-A: Flutter compensation means for recording systems patent, US-2685287-A: Massage instrument patent, US-2685390-A: Seeding wheel with means for retaining the seeds in notches of the wheel patent, US-2691974-A: Automatic arrow holder patent, US-2701818-A: Fluid cooled electrical conductor with flexible stiffener patent, US-2709299-A: Razor blade holder patent, US-2709750-A: Magnetic-period mass spectrometer patent, US-2724925-A: Toy vehicle with movable figure patent, US-2781633-A: Apparatus for mounting solid propellant grains in a rocket motor patent, US-2789131-A: Synthesis of vitamin a patent, US-2791685-A: Signal seeking receiver with stop-hunting means responsive to both carrier strength and time-derivative thereof patent, US-2795219-A: Control means for liquid fuel injection pumps of internal combustion engines patent, US-2802989-A: Rotor displacement angle indicator for synchronous machines patent, US-2813225-A: Adjustable voltage supplies patent, US-2813446-A: Musical dish patent, US-2818355-A: Method of producing a conductive layer of graphite on an insulating substratum patent, US-2818996-A: Dispenser for stacked dishes patent, US-2830497-A: Pressure release detent patent, US-2841716-A: Dosimeter patent, US-2846602-A: Bushes for dynamo electric machine and other commutators patent, US-2848398-A: Recovery of gallium compounds from the combustion gases of coal patent, US-2850427-A: Aterrimins and their preparation patent, US-2879698-A: Machine for combining sheets patent, US-2880456-A: Device for the production of a light filling from blast furnace, boiler and other slag patent, US-2880992-A: Cable support and retractor patent, US-2884524-A: Method and system employing photon absorption by a microwave resonant medium patent, US-2897459-A: Phase shifter patent, US-2904314-A: Railing assembly patent, US-2907964-A: Gyromagnetic polarizing device patent, US-2911341-A: Electrodeposition of an aluminumcontaining coating patent, US-2916846-A: Fishing lure patent, US-2916947-A: Control for valve or the like patent, US-2948970-A: Sonar trainer patent, US-2966830-A: Cocking device for the breech mechanism of automatic firearms patent, US-2971374-A: Apparatus for testing resin coated metal sheets patent, US-2973544-A: Vacuum type road sweeper patent, US-2977618-A: Machine for cleaning cartridge primer pockets patent, US-3006133-A: Side delivery raking device patent, US-3006589-A: Holding device patent, US-3016996-A: Multiple window anchoring device patent, US-3035767-A: Preset circuit for a counter patent, US-3060403-A: Electrical socket contacts patent, US-3062031-A: Washing and hydroextracting machine patent, US-3065836-A: Line feed alarm device for sprocket feed printer patent, US-3076994-A: Apparatus for cleaning art brushes patent, US-3078424-A: Equivalent high-power pulsed microwave transmitter patent, US-3089659-A: Method of automatically dismounting rolled web material patent, US-3110276-A: Method of making high and low loop tufted fabrics patent, US-3115909-A: Band-saw machine patent, US-3123954-A: calkins patent, US-3140397-A: Neutron detector unit utilizing indium patent, US-3156771-A: Telephone loud-speaker combination patent, US-3159340-A: Apparatus for determining and expressing rate patent, US-3160358-A: Automatic yarn-coil winding machine patent, US-3180180-A: Motor vehicle transmission patent, US-3182473-A: Locks patent, US-3185593-A: Primary voltaic cell having spirally wound electrodes and method of making same patent, US-3216624-A: Dispenser with stroke restricting overcap patent, US-3229307-A: Golf gloves patent, US-3251651-A: Method of preparing cubic boron phosphide patent, US-3259128-A: Ear protector from noise and dirt patent, US-3265193-A: Endless chain conveyors patent, US-3272338-A: Sewage disposal system patent, US-3288513-A: Gaff hook patent, US-3304034-A: Paper roll holder patent, US-3332990-A: Process for the preparation of 3, 4-dinitrobenzoic acid patent, US-3337704-A: Centrifugally operated electrical switch having a rotor and stator patent, US-3338924-A: Purification of crude phthalic anhydride patent, US-3342077-A: Mechanical movement patent, US-3350181-A: Spacers for multiple glass sheet glazing unit patent, US-3357418-A: Auxiliary starter and ignition circuit arrangement with voltage and polarity selection patent, US-3373958-A: Aircraft turn entry patent, US-3378577-A: Method for manufacturing purified bis(beta-hydroxyethyl)terephthalate patent, US-3386482-A: Portable rotary cut-off saw with guide means for accurately locating a workpiece thereupon patent, US-3387878-A: Drop bottom container for compacted loads patent, US-3388312-A: Dual response regulator patent, US-3410633-A: Metallurgical microscope objective patent, US-3415357-A: Self-contained tennis ball storage container and pressurizing device patent, US-3420314-A: Ground working machine patent, US-3425567-A: Holder for skis and ski poles patent, US-3426926-A: Hydraulic system for use with telescopic boom apparatus patent, FR-2453559-A1: Circuit de detection de signaux de synchronisation patent, US-3429652-A: Draining conveyor patent, US-3430151-A: Amplitude modulation detector for single sideband or suppressed carrier input patent, US-3442782-A: Electrochemical electrode patent, US-3452907-A: Device for donning stockings without knee flexure patent, US-3457728-A: Replaceable pile sleeve insert patent, US-3485384-A: Method of climbing a tower crane for constructing high buildings patent, US-3486433-A: Self-cocking high-speed gating shutter patent, US-3499772-A: Ceramic dielectrics patent, US-3519420-A: Method of charging a zinc oxide photoconductive layer with a positive charge patent, US-3557962-A: Reverse osmosis fabric patent, US-3567090-A: Cinematographic apparatus patent, US-3573384-A: Electronic crosspoint switching array patent, US-3576491-A: Resistance measuring bridge circuit including output gating means patent, US-3600596-A: Vehicle light switch apparatus patent, US-3604591-A: Quick action plugging device patent, US-3680211-A: Safety razor with blade aligning means patent, US-3696911-A: Course formation apparatus patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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